Yesterday I went on an etching course with a friend of mine at the East London Printworks. It was a lovely day and I am pleased to have learnt a new technique. For a while I’ve been looking for a medium to draw in and although I am handy with a biro, I think etching more suits my style. It is quite precise and technical, and you get to use a lovely old press which was the best part. I will post a picture of my etch – although I was only able to do a draft print so it’s a bit grey, but it was my first attempt at art for years so I’m just pleased I did it.


Today I am finishing off the storyboard for my short film on giving up smoking which is tabbed as another page up top. After that I will post a few more storyboards for work I am doing at the BBC and put in some links to my vimeo site where a lot of my work currently lurks…I might even do a new showreel if I have time!